The most expensive phones of 2021 – You should not buy these Phones however at this moment.

The most expensive Phones of 2021 – You should not buy these Phones however at this moment.

LG W41+

The connectivity of this phone is really bad. The gaming performance not good. It has a heating issue. That means you will not be able to play the game for a long time. The secondary camera will not be perfect for taking selfies. If you want to capture more than 2 subjects. Then you will not get a good result. At this price, the RAM also not good enough.

Oppo F19

The Oppo F19 is an amazing-looking phone. The front camera is dot style. The camera of this phone is really not good. They mentioned the camera is 48 MP. But it does not work like this. The display also not good. You will not get lots of brightness in the display. It will make problem to time use this phone in the day time. You will not be able to play heavy games. The phone has not a great feature. So, at this price, you should not buy this phone.

Oppo F17 Pro

The feedback by customers about Oppo F17 Pro is fine. Almost every report was good about this phone. But most of the customers have given an issue about the battery of this phone. You know the battery is the major part of a mobile phone. So, you should not go for this.

OnePlus Nord N100

The OnePlus Nord N100 is the oldest phone in our Bangladeshi market. This phone has a performance issue. At this price in 2021, this phone really not able to adapt will new brands. Obviously, OnePlus is a great brand. But will forbid from buying the phone. Because under 20k you can get a better phone in the market like the OnePlus 7. We will like to suggest you for buying another one by OnePlus. If you are a OnePlus brand lover.

Samsung Galaxy M21

The Samsung Galaxy M21s has been released almost 1 year ago. The battery of this phone is really great! The price of this phone is too expensive. It does not have 5G internet connectivity. As the price they mentioned, it should have a Type C port. But, it has a micro USB 2.0 as a USB port. The storage especially RAM is really not good enough. Otherwise, everything is perfect. However, you should not buy this phone this year. 

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