Sony recently added 1440p to the PS5 in beta firmware

Sony latest beta firmware with the PS5

 The latest sony beta firmware added 1440p to the PS5. a beta firmware for the sony station 5 that includes two interesting features: 1440p output and a game folder. Soon after the PlayStation 4, Pro came out, the launch of the PlayStation 5 was talked about. The 1440p output function is pretty simple, to say the least. In addition to 720p, 1080p, and 2160p, the PlayStation 5 console can now also output at 2560*1440 resolution. It is now available on Sony gaming consoles.

Easily express ongoing activities: 

Think you can’t play a game, and if you can play the game there, you can start right over.

Comparison of stereo audio and 3D audio: 

You can take advantage of the same script between 3D and stereo audio and then adjust the setting as you like.

screen share preferences

Here you can find out if gamers want to screen their gameplay. For this you may need to go to voice chat.share the script with the team member you want to convince.

Send stickers and voice messages from running games:

 You can give your messages and stickers from the running game base card. The game will work on time. Games rendering at 2160p will be dubbed at 1440p, while those rendering at 1440p higher will output natively. 1440p support would be considered good.

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