Top 10 Mobile Phone Company in Bangladesh 2021

Top 10 Leading Mobile Phone Company Market Share in Bangladesh 2021

  1. Samsung
    It is the top mobile brand in Bangladesh. Samsung has a market share of 33.09% in Bangladesh. Not only in 2021, but Samsung’s market share in Bangladesh has been good for a very long time. In 2019, the company’s sales increased by 20.3% year on year. After launching Android in Bangladesh, Samsung has got its huge market share. From that time the number of Samsung was 1. The reputation of this brand with great customer care services makes people love this brand. Important features like good camera, beautiful Super AMOLED display and long durability have made this brand number one choice for Bangladeshis.
  2. Xiaomi
    Xiaomi has finally done it. It defeated Huawei to become the second largest smartphone seller in Bangladesh. The market share in Bangladesh of Xiaomi 16.02%. Xiaomi is bringing new phones with new looks and affordable price point new features. Moreover, Xiaomi more often brings new budget range phones.
  3. Huawei
    Huawei currently has a market share of 10.4%. With good durability and great brand value, Huawei ranks second for a long time, but the recent Android ban in the United States and the conspiracies around this brand are slowly destroying it. Huawei is currently the third largest smartphone seller in Bangladesh, but we expect its market share to decline in the future. The camera of Huawei phone has received really good response from the customers. With the help of a large number of service centers and customer service centers, Huawei has gained the trust of many customers in Bangladesh. However, it has nothing to do with the current situation.
  4. Oppo
    Oppo Bangladesh now has a market share of 5.75%, up from 4.8%. Oppo has recently opened many approved stores and service centers. But this is even now struggling to compete with Huawei and Xiaomi. However, Oppo is entering the mobile market with new camera features and stylish looks. Of course, it is a good competitor for Xiaomi and Huawei.
  5. Mobicel
    Did you know that Mobicel was in eighth place with 1.73% share last year! Now in 2021, Mobil’s share price in Bangladesh is 4.29%. You can believe it! People are buying more mobiles at lower prices than Symphony, Vivo, Nokia etc.
  6. Apple
    Apple, the world’s largest premium smartphone maker, is doing very well in Bangladesh. No other brand has such an effect on people’s minds. Their iPhone 11 was one of the most popular flagship phones in the country. Concerns about long-term software support and privacy are driving premium customers to Apple. A few years ago they were not in the top ten list. Now in 2021, Apple is the sixth largest smartphone seller in Bangladesh with 2.37% share.
  1. Symphony
    Symphony is dying! At one time it was the market leader of Bangladesh. Now in 2021, Symphony has a 1.92% market share. Decreased from 2.8% last year. Symphony was doing really well in Bangladesh, but Symphony’s market share has been declining in recent years. This was due to the sudden rise of Xiaomi and Realmy in the Bangladesh market. Symphony is regularly failing to bring valuable mobile phones.
  2. Nokia
    Nokia’s nostalgia is over! Nokia currently has a 1.9% market share. Recently Nokia introduced new phones and became more flexible with the trend of stock Android, but by setting extra prices Nokia ruined the ability of people to buy phones. This premium pricing strategy has taken Nokia out of the Bangladeshi market.
  3. Itel
    Chinese brand iTel currently has a market share of 1.62%. It is quite surprising that this brand is doing very well in Bangladesh. They produce low budget phones which is very important in Bangladesh.
  4. Lava
    Indian smartphone brand Lava once spent their best time in Bangladesh. But now they are rapidly losing their market share. It now has 1.55% market share in 2021. It was once popular for entry-level budget phones, but now this entry-level segment is owned by a Chinese smartphone brand.

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