Vivo X70 Pro+ going to launch in Bangladesh 2021

The Vivo X70 Pro+ going to launch in Bangladesh with a redoubtable feature. In India the encouragement of launching Vivo X60 series phones. But the more exciting thing is Vivo going to launch the phone of the Vivo X70 series. In this series, Vivo X70 Pro+ is the most premium variant & there is some important information about this phone that has been published publicly.
There are new rumors about the upcoming Vivo X70 Pro+. Not long ago, Vivo released the X60 series and is currently focusing on the global promotion of this smartphone series. However, the company seems to be looking to the future. According to new leaks on social media sites, Vivo’s upcoming X70 Pro+ will pack some of the latest and greatest technologies in the mobile world before the rumored June release.

Compared to X60 Pro+, X70 Pro+ essentially looks like a minor upgrade. The leak stated that the new X70 Pro+ will have the same Snapdragon of 888 SoC as its predecessor, a slightly larger 4500 mAh battery (X60 Pro+ has a 4200 mAh battery) and a 66-watt fast-charging battery, as well as a Samsung E4 AMOLED display, such as 120 Hz refresh rate and FHD+ resolution.

Despite these similarities, X70 Pro+ an improvement over X60 Pro+. That is to say, the camera in X70 Pro + will have a 1 / 1.28-inch sensor compared to the 1 / 1.31-inch sensor in X60 Pro+. Vivo will continue to cooperate with Zeiss Optics for its mobile phone cameras.

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