Find out the price of some Walton phones at a glance

Find out the price of some Walton phones at a glance


Walton is making mobiles in our Bangladeshi mobile company and you know that Walton’s phones are gaining popularity nowadays, also, Walton’s mobile phones are sold at different prices in different countries,

We must have a mobile phone in Bangladesh. We are of course using Walton as mobile. 2022 Walton Mobile Phone Price and Details. You can learn about your benefits by getting to know Walton’s best mobile phones. Mobile Phone Price 2022 Bangladesh | Price list of new mobile for 2022

Primo HM6 8899 Tk
Primo RX8 15,599 Tk
Primo NF5 9699 Tk
Primo RM4 10,599 Tk
Primo GH9 6799 Tk
Primo H9 Pro 9799 Tk
Primo HM5 8899 Tk
Primo N4 9799 Tk
Primo S7 Pro 19,999 Tk
Primo H9 7399 Tk
Primo RX7 12,999 Tk
Primo G9 6099 Tk
Primo F10 Upcoming
Primo RX7 Mini 9499 Tk
Primo H8 Turbo 7599 Tk
Primo NF4 Turbo 6699 Tk
Primo S7 14,999 Tk
Primo R6 Max 9499 Tk
Primo H8 Pro 8499 Tk
Primo E11 available

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